What is a communication picture?

The purpose of the communication picture is to support and facilitate communication when there are challenges in producing or understanding speech or words. People with severe speech or language problems may need AAC to help them communicate. AAC means Augmentative and Alternative Communication.   AAC incorporates the individual’s full communication abilities and may include any existing speech or vocalizations, gestures, manual signs, and aided communication. To some people signs are too hard to learn and pictures are the easiest and most simple way to communicate.  

Communication pictures are pictures, which present something as simple as possible. There are many styles to draw pictures and the most important thing is to find just the right style for each person who uses pictures. However, no individual should go without communication, and all individuals should have access to AAC systems that promote effective communication.

There has been little research on communication pictures, and the guidelines for communication pictures have often considered whether it is easier for a person to perceive drawings or photographs. Drawn image

is often more simplistic and easier to perceive than a photograph, where, for example, lights and shadows can interfere with interpretation. A communication picture that paraphrases reality should not always be boring and as simplified as possible. A person who makes communication pictures should therefore also explore the different possibilities between a truthful and an abstract image.

Sexuality is an abstract subject, and its concepts can be difficult for all of us to comprehend through speech alone. Images support learning and understanding. However, genuine photos which are related to sexuality and sex can also be too cumbersome in terms of subject sensitivity, so drawn pictures make things easier. However, it is still important that things are presented truthfully and honestly.


By recent estimates, well over 2 million people who present with significant expressive language impairment use AAC. AAC users encounter difficulty communicating via speech due to congenital and/or acquired disabilities occurring across the lifespan. These conditions include but are not limited to autism, cerebral palsy, dual sensory impairments, genetic syndromes, intellectual disability, multiple disabilities, hearing impairment, disease, stroke, and head injury. 

Communication pictures are also used by people, who are in interaction with people who can not speak. Parents, nurses, social and health care professionals, rehabilitation professionals (physio- and occupational therapists) etc. Often, the use and selection of images requires the help and support of a professional or close person so that the person can use them themselves.

If you need pictures for personal use, you can ask us for advice and help on using the pictures.

How to use pictures in communication?

Communication pictures can be used individually and as part of communication aids. Communication aids can be a communication board, a communication folder, a telephone device, or a communication program.

Modern technology has made it possible to use tablets and phones also for image communication.

Thus, the images can be compiled into broader vocabularies or used individually. With the help of pictures, can be told about certain things only by using single words or by forming more verbose sentences. The communication boards are grouped into a specific subject area with easily available different verbs, adjectives, and nouns, which makes communication easier with whole sentences.

From us you will also find ready-made communication boards related to sexuality and health themes on the Communication boards tab!

SelkoSeks communication pictures

SelkoSeks offers over 400 photos on the topics of body, anatomy, sex, sex tools, relationships, emotions, health, and hygiene.

You can buy SelkoSeks communication pictures  all at once. In the entire image package, you will find a staggering 412 images. You can download the images to your computer in jpg file format, at which time you can use them as part of your own communication tools or as part of your own communication board.

 Please note when buying that the images are for your personal use only, not for sharing with others.


BODY AND ANATOMY theme includes pictures about the body and anatomy. In these pictures you can find for example fistula, foreskin, penis, labia, vagina, mastectomy, and perineum. 

SEXUAL INTERCOURSE AND SEX AID theme includes an extensive and diverse package of  SelkoSeks own photo bank pictures consisting of sex and sex aid. The pictures show the diversity of sex, and they aim to pay attention at different relations and sex opportunities. Some pictures are drawn neutral, where you can’t name a person’s gender from the picture. In these pictures you can find for example fistula, foreskin, penis, labia, vagina, mastectomy, and perineum. 

RELATIONSHIPS, FEELINGS AND TOUCH theme contains a SelkoSeks photo bank pictures, which describes relationships, orientation, interaction, feelings, and touch. For example, in the pictures you will find help in teaching one’s own and others’ boundaries. For example, in the pictures you will find help in teaching one’s own and others’ boundaries. This picture package also includes: don’t hug, don’t touch, you can touch, you can hug, to kiss, to pet, hand in the pants pictures and so on. 

HEALTH AND HYGIENE theme contains SelkoSeks´s photo bank images which are related to health, pregnancy, childbirth, birth control, intimate hygiene, and doctor visits. 



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