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We also offer to consult and expert services directly to professionals and for all people in need of support.

This can be direct case-by-case advice (with customer safety in mind), advice to the client on sexuality issues, or consultation on issues related to your service chain.


We provide extensive training on themes of sexuality, especially for professionals in social and healthcare sectors.

We specialize in intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum, but also broadly in the effects of illness and disability.

We conduct trainings throughout the world.


Sexual therapy is available in Mikkeli for in-person sessions and remotely throughout the world.

You can seek sexual therapy either individually or with a partner. 

Bold and Sensitive - With Expertise

My goal in training sessions is to provide new, accurate information boldly, sensitively, but also with a bit of a shake-up. I have trained both professionals and others working with special groups nationwide. I have engaged in discussions with instructors, teachers, parents, and other healthcare professionals.

My aspiration is also to continuously produce concrete material on sexuality themes for the healthcare sector. I have written extensively on various topics, including commissioned pieces for different platforms, such as the Nursing Database of the Finnish Medical Society Duodecim’s Terveysportti.

I have extensive work experience in the field, doing foundational work with clients, and I continuously provide both occupational therapy and sex therapy to my clients. Continuing education is a routine for me, and I am constantly pursuing further training – currently, I am working towards a professional qualification as a supervisor!

Feedback on the Training Sessions

  • “Very good and straightforward talk. This should be mandatory for all healthcare workers.”
  • “I gained a lot of reinforcement and new perspectives for my own work, as well as ideas on what needs to be changed or developed in client work.”
  • “Many things are still swirling in my head about how I could influence my own workplace to keep the theme of sexuality important.”
  • “Thank you! It was a long time since I had a training session as I had hoped. Clear and to the point!”
  • “My mindset expanded, and I gained more understanding of how many sexuality-related issues are present in my own work that I hadn’t noticed before.”
  • “The trainer is knowledgeable and speaks honestly about sex.”
  • “A thought-provoking training. Henna is an excellent practical trainer.”
  • “An important topic that should be shared specifically with those who don’t want to participate in this training.”
  • “Interesting and a topic that is still too taboo in work communities. Everyone in the field should attend this training.”
  • “A thought-provoking training that challenges one’s own thoughts. Straight talk.”
  • “A proper and good training. It gave me a lot to think about, and I need to reflect on my own attitude towards sexuality, acknowledging that it belongs to everyone and is acceptable.”
  • “The training was really interesting and eye-opening! I look forward to sharing the learned things with my work community!”
  • “Thank you for your straightforwardness and expertise. A relaxed atmosphere, which is fitting even when discussing serious issues.”
  • “Great training, and I think this type of training should be part of professional studies to support future professionals in our foundational work.”
  • “An incredibly well-conducted session in a short time. Thank you so much, I took away a lot for my own work.”

Intellectual Disabilities, Autism Spectrum, and Sexuality

I offer training, lectures, and commissioned writings on supporting the sexuality of individuals with intellectual disabilities or on the autism spectrum. I provide annual training sessions, available both in-person and remotely. These trainings have been requested by special education institutions, residential units, peer support organizations, and wellness regions. The sessions can also be supervisory discussions tailored to the specific needs, questions, and guidance situations of your unit.

Training Topics May Include:

  • Supporting the Sexual Health of Individuals with Intellectual Disabilities
  • Sexuality, Sex, and the Autism Spectrum
  • Supporting the Sexuality of Adolescents During Puberty (special support needs, autism spectrum, intellectual disabilities)
  • Managing Challenging Sexual Behaviors and Influencing Them
  • How to Support Positive Sexuality and Its Realization?
  • Preventing Sexual Violence from the Perspective of People with Special Needs
  • The Importance of Sexual Education in Preventing Sexual Violence

Explore our thoughts on these topics in our blog: [Blog Link] (add actual link here).

The Impact of Illness and Disability on Sexuality

I specialize in the effects of illness and disability on sexuality. My expertise lies in supporting the consideration of sexuality in social and healthcare settings as well as in rehabilitation work. I have specific expertise in neurological diseases, spinal cord injuries, dementia, skin diseases, and chronic pain. I have written numerous articles, guides, and materials on these topics and have trained hundreds of healthcare professionals.

Training Topics May Include:

  • Effects of Neurological Diseases on Sexuality
  • Chronic Pain and Sexuality
  • Spinal Cord Injury and Sexuality
  • Dementia and Sexuality
  • Impact of Skin Diseases (e.g., Psoriasis) on Sexuality
  • Effects of Epilepsy on Sexuality
  • What is Sexuality and How to Address it as Part of Rehabilitation/Care Work?

Learn more about our thoughts in our blog posts: [Blog Link] (add actual link here).

Sexual Therapy

Do You Have Concerns Related to Sexuality? Do you need support and someone to talk to about sex or relationships?
Is there an illness you feel is affecting your ability to experience sexuality in your daily life?

You can attend therapy sessions alone or with your partner/partners, and all discussions are always confidential.
In therapy, the client is not touched.

You can seek sexual therapy if you or your partner(s) are concerned about issues such as:

  • Relationship challenges, such as mismatched desires, trust issues, or sexual difficulties
  • Compulsive sexual behavior, such as addiction to pornography or sex
  • Exploring or finding your own sexual desireIssues related to sexual identity
  • Fears or anxiety related to sexuality
  • Functional disorders, such as erectile dysfunction or pain during sex, can also be addressed through therapy.

Therapeutic Approaches I Use:

  • Emotionally Focused Couple Therapy
  • Acceptance and Commitment Therapy (ACT)
  • Resource-Oriented Approaches

I have been described as a firm yet gently stimulating and straightforward therapist. In therapy, we do not look for someone to blame for the problems, but rather for solutions.

Specialization Areas:

I specialize particularly in themes of illness and disability in relation to sexuality. My specific expertise includes:

  • Cerebrovascular Disorders
  • Brain Injury
  • Dementia
  • Spinal Cord Injury
  • Chronic Illnesses (including skin diseases)
  • Chronic Pain
  • Epilepsy
  • Intellectual Disabilites and Autism Spectrum

You can get more detailed information on prices and appointment by contacting Henna Suikki, email:

Consultancy and advisory services

We also offer to consult and expert services directly to professionals and for all people in need of support.

This can be direct case-by-case advice (with customer safety in mind), advice to the client on sexuality issues, or consultation on issues related to your service chain.

We educate and give consulting remotely easily and smoothly! Lectures are available around the world via video conference. We are using Zoom app and Microsoft Teams app.

If you have a topic or entity in mind, feel free to ask for an offer, or then you can ask for more information and we can customize a lecture just for you! Prices will be determined by the length of the lecture, topic, and content.

Requests and Price Inquiries, please contact Henna Suikki, email: