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SelkoSeks offers communication pictures and materials for discussions about sexuality, sexual education, as well as guidance and therapy work.

In our materials, you will find guides, information, articles, and communication pictures. 


We provide extensive training on themes of sexuality, especially for professionals in social and healthcare sectors.

We specialize in intellectual disabilities and autism spectrum, but also broadly in the effects of illness and disability.

We conduct trainings throughout the world.


Sexual therapy is available in Mikkeli for in-person sessions and remotely throughout the world.

You can seek sexual therapy either individually or with a partner. 

SelkoSeks offers extensive support services and materials on themes of sexuality.

SelkoSeks is a comprehensive service concept that provides everything you need regarding sexuality.

Through us, you will find training and expert lectures, commissioned texts and assistance in producing your own materials, supervision, and tangible materials to support your work.

Sexual therapy services are also available to anyone in need, including through payment commitments.

Feel free to contact me for anything related to sexuality – I am here for you!

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Nearly 500 easy-to-understand images and much more material!

SelkoSeks was originally created to meet the need for easy-to-understand images and visual communication materials, especially for people with special needs, professionals working with them, and their loved ones.

Over the years, SelkoSeks has expanded to offer not only communication pictures but also a wide range of other materials.

We provide training across the world on themes related to sexuality and are widely specialized in the effects of illness and disability on sexuality, as well as intellectual disabilities and the autism spectrum.

The SelkoSeks image bank contains an impressive 469 easy-to-understand images. 

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Sexual Health Instructional Charts

SelkoSeks instructional charts offer a selection of specially designed charts that make discussing sexuality clearer and more accessible. These charts enhance communication, teaching, and guidance, making them more effective and understandable. You can now access eight carefully designed instructional charts that cover various themes related to sexuality, including masturbation, safe use of sex toys, and intimate hygiene.

Each instructional chart includes easy-to-understand images and concise, clear verbal instructions specifically designed for individuals with communication challenges. The charts are available for purchase as a complete package, containing all eight charts, for €44.90. This comprehensive package provides the means to effectively and respectfully support and promote sexual health and well-being.

Communication pictures available in three different skin tones.

The SelkoSeks image bank contains nearly 500 communication pictures, which are also available in three different skin tones. The basic package includes light-skinned images, but if you need images in all skin tones, please feel free to contact us.

You can find our materials in finnish, english, swedish and eesti keel!

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Henna Suikki

  • Occupational Therapist (Master’s Degree) 
  • Specialist in Sexological Counselling (NACS) 

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