Finally there is a chance to communicate about sexuality with communication pictures!

We are the biggest communication picture bank with sexuality themed pictures!

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Everyone has a right to talk about sexuality

Until now, there hasn’t been many pictures available to help conversations about sexuality.

 The purpose of this versatile SelkoSeks communication picture bank is to make conversations about sexuality available to everyone who needs it.

Everyone has a right to sexuality and to discuss it openly. We at Selkoseks believe these pictures are important as they take diversity into account.

Talking about sexuality and normalizing it are still challenges, and we want to take steps to make this easier. 

sensitive and professional

SelkoSeks offers communication pictures and lectures about sexuality

SelkoSeks is a sexuality themed communication picture bank that offers over 400 communication pictures. 

From SelkoSeks you can find amazing communication pictures about body, anatomy, sex, sex aid, relationships, feelings, health, and hygiene. 

By buying the pictures you can download them to your device in jpg form and use them for your own purpose.

Do you need more help? Sexuality is not an easy topic to bring up and talk about. We would like to help you and your work as much as we can. 

We lecture and give guidance about sexuality, how to communicate about sexuality and how you can make this subject a normal area of your work. We have been giving lectures in various social- and healthcare units, private businesses and group homes. 

We can give guidance to professionals as well as parents and families. More info you can find from the LECTURES page!


You can find communication pictures about these themes:

  • Anatomy
  • Gender
  • Orientation
  • Relationships and people
  • Sex
  • Protection
  • Sex aid
  • Health
  • Pregnancy
  • Feelings
  • Touch

How to utilize the SelkoSeks TOOL?

Who is SelkoSeks for?

People with speech impairments and their families

The definition of a person with a speech impairment is a person who cannot or has trouble producing speech and communicating. The SelkoSeks communication pictures are for these people to help them communicate about sexuality. This picture bank is for people with speech impairment. Also their families may find this picture bank useful.

For nurses and therapists

Picture communication means using descriptive illustrations to support verbal and nonverbal communication.These communication pictures enable you to deliver and receive messages even if you’re verbally challenged. SelkoSeks is a great tool to be used on a daily basis for professionals such as occupations such as nurses, occupational therapists, speech therapists, physiotherapists, sexual therapists and personal assistants.

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SelkoSeks is an communication picture bankwhere you can find over 300 descriptive illustrative pictures about bodies, anatomy, gender, sex, sexuality and diversity. By buying the pictures you can download them in JPG form to your own device.


What are our current users saying?

I was very happy to find that the diversity of bodies and transgenders were considered. Also, sexuality and relationships were taken into consideration as well. Colored pictures work better than black and white stick figures when describing sexual positions and facial expressions. I definitely am trying to get this integrated to my work place because everybody can use these flash cards!”
SelkoSeks is the best thing that you’ve seen on the internet for a while! Thank you for your great work!!
This is so great! It is awesome to see that something is done to enhance the communication for all. PIctures are wide and modern.



Henna Suikki

Occupational therapist. Specialist in Sexolocigal Counselling (NACS)


Fanni Kevätniemi

Practical nurse
Specialist in Sexolocigal Counselling

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