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Henna Suikki

  • Occupational Therapist (Master’s Degree) 
  • Specialist in Sexological Counselling (NACS) 

I am a bold and innovative actor from Finland who speaks courageously about sensitive topics. I have had the opportunity to lecture and train on sexology topics across Finland for health and rehabilitation professionals, as well as help individuals whose lives are touched by these subjects. I collaborate extensively with various organizations, including those in the peer support sector. Working with students on internships, theses, and other development projects is also a pleasure.

I have been working in the rehabilitation field since 2010 and have been an entrepreneur since 2020. Currently, I own two companies: one focusing on rehabilitation and wellness services and the other as a specialist company in the field of sexology. I also work in supervisory roles.

I have strong expertise in the impacts of illness and disability on life and humanity, and I am passionate about developing new materials and literature on these topics. I am happy to write commissioned texts on sexology topics.

I look forward to hearing from you!

Our Story

SelkoSeks is a sexuality themed picture bank. These communication pictures serve health care professionals and people who need pictures to assist in their communication with their family. Two professionals, Henna and Fanni, were looking for descriptive communication pictures throughout the internet without finding anything. The illustrations that they were able to find were very normative and that’s how SelkoSeks was founded. 

As an occupational therapist I have had to use aids to communicate with customers, especially those with neurological conditions. I specialize in brain damage rehabilitation and I have been working with customers with aphasia for almost 10 years. As an occupational therapist, I focus on helping others get back to normal life after injury and help answer questions about relationships and sexuality. Getting injured or ill is always a big crisis in life, especially when you’re not able to communicate through speech. As a sexologist,  I work with people with autism and aphasia. Pictures about sex and sexuality are rarely available and simply don’t provide a broad variety to work with.

SelkoSeks has been developed in co-operation with Terapiaperhonen Oy. Professionals in Terapiaperhonen help in rehabilitation by offering occupational therapy, physical therapy and sexual therapy in Savonlinna and Mikkeli, Finland.