What is a communication picture?

People with severe speech or language problems may need AAC to help them communicate. AAC means Augmentative and Alternative Communication.   AAC incorporates the individual’s full communication abilities and may include any existing speech or vocalizations, gestures, manual signs, and aided communication. To some people signs are too hard to learn and pictures are the easiest and most simple way to communicate.  

Communication pictures is a picture, what presents something simple as possible. There are many styles to draw pictures and the most important thing is to find just the right style for each person who uses pictures. However, no individual should go without communication, and all individuals should have access to AAC systems that promote effective communication.


By recent estimates, well over 2 million persons who present with significant expressive language impairment use AAC. AAC users encounter difficulty communicating via speech due to congenital and/or acquired disabilities occurring across the lifespan. These conditions include but are not limited to autism, cerebral palsy, dual sensory impairments, genetic syndromes, intellectual disability, multiple disabilities, hearing impairment, disease, stroke, and head injury.

Communication pictures are also used by people, who are in interaction with people who can not speak. Parents, nurses, social and health care professionals, rehabilitation professionals (physio- and occupational therapists) etc. In many occasions there is a need for a help to use and choose pictures, if the person can not make it. 

How to use pictures in communication?

You can download SelkoSeks communication pictures to your own device in JPG form. After that you can print them on paper or move them to be part of your own communication board or communication tool.

You can find also communication boards from us about sexuality and health! 

SelkoSeks communication pictures

From SelkoSeks you can find amazing 341 pieces of communication pictures about body, anatomy, sex, sex aid, relationships, feelings, health, and hygiene. By buying the pictures you can download them to your device in jpg form and use them for your own purpose.

If you buy all at once, price for each picture is only 1,34 €. In theme packages price for each picture is 2 €.

BODY AND ANATOMY package includes the pictures about body and anatomy. In these pictures you can find for example fistula, foreskin, penis, labia, vagina, mastectomy, and perineum. This package includes 77 communication pictures. Price 154 €

SEX AND SEX AID package includes pictures for example group sex, fisting, spanking, anal plug, lube, and dildo. We have tried to represent sex and sex aid widely. Some pictures are drawn neutral, where you can’t name persons gender from the picture. This package includes 131 communication pictures. Price 264  €

RELATIONSHIPS, FEELINGS AND TOUCH package includes pictures, what represents for example consent and promise to touch. You can find for example polyamory, sad, lonely, don’t hug, touch, don’t touch, kiss, smooth and hand in pants in this package. This package includes 64 communication pictures. Price 128 €

HEALTH AND HYGIENE package includes pictures like birth control, giving birth, hygiene, and doctor’s office. This package includes 84 communication pictures. Price 168 €