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The board aims at supporting speech and communication when talking about dating.  

Visual Communication Boards can be, i.e., charts on a tablet or printable that include pictures of ready chosen topics. At each sheet comes with one topic and pictures which relates to the topic. SelkoSeks´s Visual Communication Boards have aids for health, sexual health, anatomy, sex, relationships, and interaction.   

Keywords have been assembled on The Boards for each desired situation, and they are aimed at supporting and facilitating communication in these situations. Relying solely on these boards is not necessary as the boards include a picture “I can’t find a sign” which will help you to discuss and to approach the desired topics you want by using the different means of communication.

The pictures used in our visual communication boards are carefully chosen to correspond to the desired situation. To facilitate communication, question words can be found on the left side of our visual communication boards. Images have been categorized into their own word categories and into their own colour categories, for example, the blue base is for people´s, while the red colour base has verbs, the green colour base has adjectives, and the yellow colour base has nouns. The colour code facilitates and speeds up the usability and fluency of the communication boards. Pictures in SelkoSeks´s visual communication boards are set in the same position on every page, i.e., pictures of the verbs “want” and “don’t want” are usually on the top of the page next to each other.

The visual communication boards may be used to support communication by using simple sentences by pointing at the desired picture. It is important to use the communication board to support your speaking, which will make your speech become clearer and slower. Simultaneously, the interlocutor learns the meaning of the pictures and how to use the boards. Communication boards can also be used for making full sentences, or they can be used to support the conversation.

The target group is people who have difficulties with speech production and understanding speech. The communication boards can also be used as an aid to activity control in which case it facilitates progress in different situations. Communication boards can also be used by professionals in various fields who use the boards to support speech. 

You can buy the communication boards one by one or in different packages. You can download the board to your own device after purchase and you can also print it for your use.



  • 1 communication board 9,90 €
  • 5 communication boards 44,90 €
  • 10 communication boards 84,90 €
  • 14 communication boards 114,80 €


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