We also offer versatile sexual health education and professional expert services.

We are a fresh and new generation of professionals whose goal in education is to provide new but correct information. We have trained nationwide professionals as well as other people who are working with special groups, and with SelkoSeks´s innovation, we have gained international recognition. We have a long work experience in the field of nursing and rehabilitation work. Our staff have also actively trained and given different lectures in various social care and healthcare units, private businesses, and group homes. We can give guidance to professionals as well as parents and families. 

We strive to address all issues sensitively, but still broadly and boldly. It is possible for us to create in advance an electronic survey system about wishes and questions that we can address during the training and provide answers directly to the prior wishes of the listeners. This way we can ensure that the training meets up your needs and wishes accurately. 

Topics can be for example:


    • Sexual rights belong to all of us
    • Stairs of sexuality in the terms of special groups
    • The specific features, meaning and purpose of sexual education
    • How to talk about sexuality? Basics of communication and tools for talking about sexuality
    • What knowledge or skills do I need to support sexual rights


      • Preventing sexual violence from the perspective of people with special needs
      • The role of sexual education in the prevention of sexual violence


    • Sexuality from the perspective of people with development disabilities
    • Sexuality from the perspective of the autism spectrum
    • Two minority people — understanding rainbow family’s and rainbow lifestyle as part of special groups
    • LGBTQI+ people with special needs
    • Sexuality and chronic illnesses
    • Sexuality and neurological conditions


      • Challenging sexual behaviour and how to react to it
      • How to guide a person with a challenging sexual behaviour?
      • How to guide professionals to work with challenging sexual behaviour?
      • How to bring up the topic with a client or patient?
      • Communication pictures – how to use them and when?
      • Communication about sexuality
      • Sex toys and aids for sex
      • How to support positive sexuality and its realization

Sexual therapy

Do you have any worries relating to sexuality? Would you like support and discussion help related to sex or a relationship? Do you have any illness that you feel is affecting the realization of sexuality in your daily life?

With a help of sexual therapy can be discussed various challenges or problem situations in sexuality and sex life. We provide sexual therapy through a secure connection as a remote service. You can come into therapy alone or with a partner.

You can get more detailed information on prices and appointment by contacting Henna Suikki, email: henna@selkoseks.fi.

Consultancy and advisory services

We also offer to consult and expert services directly to professionals and for all people in need of support.

This can be direct case-by-case advice (with customer safety in mind), advice to the client on sexuality issues, or consultation on issues related to your service chain.

We educate and give consulting remotely easily and smoothly! Lectures are available around the world via video conference. We are using Zoom app and Microsoft Teams app.

If you have a topic or entity in mind, feel free to ask for an offer, or then you can ask for more information and we can customize a lecture just for you! Prices will be determined by the length of the lecture, topic, and content.

Requests and Price Inquiries, please contact Henna Suikki, email: henna@selkoseks.fi.